Articles selected and Peer Reviewed for the next issues

NORMAN CIGAR, “‘Lateral’ Protégés, Risk Capital, And Manufacturing In Pre-Protectorate Morocco: Considering The Würth Case”

ODILE MOREAU, “La Politique Russe Vis-À-Vis De La Turquie Depuis Les Années 2010”

OUASSIM MANSOURY & MAJDA SEBBANI, “Réflexion Sur Le Système De Santé Du Maroc Dans La Perspective De La Promotion De La Santé”

MICHAEL B. BISHKU, “Saudi Arabia and Morocco: Conservative Monarchies and Interactions of Common and Specific Interests”

MUSTAFA KABHA, “The Fall of Al-Andalus and the Evolution of its Memory in Modern Arab-Muslim Historiography”

PHILIPP CASULA, “The Union of Soviet Friendship Societies and its Cultural Centres in the 1970s: Orientalism and Soft Power in The Middle East”

OLGA NEFEDOVA, “Beyond The Typical: Inji Efflatoun’s Exhibitions in The USSR in 1970 and 1975”

ELIZABETH BISHOP, “Arabs at The 6th World Festival of Youth and Students: Ugema in The USSR, 1957”

Additional articles will be added when Peer Review selection is complete.



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