The Maghreb Review and Maghreb Studies Association Conference

Call for original papers


Oxford: 15 and 16 December 2025

The Conference is designed to accommodate a wide range of topics from many different disciplines. We welcome submission from various disciplines. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Islamic Modernist and Reformist Thought and movements:
Mohamed Talbi, Mohamed Arkoun, Mohamed Abed Al-Jabri and Taha Abderrahmane.

2. Have authoritarian orders across the Middle East and North Africa changed in important ways due to the upheavals of the past decade?

3. The rise of the Gulf leadership?

4. Egypt since the death of President Nasser on 28 September 1970

5. The disillusionment with the ideal of competitive electoral politics?

6. The Palestine-Israeli conflict from 1948 to the present day.

7. The impact of diplomatic relations between Israel and a number of Arab countries including the Maghreb.

8. Palestinian-Israel Oslo peace agreement of 13 September 1993.

9. Direct military rivalry between the USA and Russia in the Middle East and the Maghreb.

10. China’s Growing influence in the Middle East and the Maghreb given its reliance on oil imports from the region and increased presence through growing economic and commercial ties under the new Silk Road strategy.

11. Ecological developments in the Middle East and the Maghreb and their influence on political decisions (i.e. tourism, etc.)

12. Women’s rights in the Middle East and the Maghreb since the 1970s.


Proposal submission and Abstracts:The deadline for the submission of proposals and abstracts, which should be no more than 150 words, is 31 January 2025. All applicants will be told whether or not their proposal has been accepted by 31 March 2025.
   Abstracts can be submitted by email in Word format to


1. Proceedings of the conference: The organisers intend to publish the papers presented at this conference in The Maghreb Review, so it is a condition that the paper submitted for consideration has not previously been published in full or in a shorter version, either in print or on the internet.

2. If your proposal is selected, The Maghreb Review and The Maghreb Studies Association, will provide lunch, dinner, coffee/tea breaks during the conference. There will also be a gala dinner in evening before the opening of the conference for our speakers.

3. Unlike other conferences, there will be no registration fees.

4. We have a limited fund for accommodation available for colleagues from the Maghreb and scholars without institutional funding.

5. All speakers are required to provide conference Convenor, not only an abstract as before, but a full copy of their paper by 31 October 2025.
An opportunity will be given to make any necessary amendments by 25 February 2026.

6. We do not allow papers to be read in absentia, except in extraordinary circumstance.


Language: The conference will be in English or French