Notre dernier Colloque International tenu au Christ Church College, Oxford les 28 et 29 Mars 2022 sur

L’Empire au Moyen-Orient et au Maghreb: Espérances et Perspectives d’Avenir

Organisé par
The Maghreb Studies Association

Les communications ci-dessous ont été présentées pendent le Colloque, et seront publiés dans The Maghreb Review cette l’année.:

Ilan Pappé, University of Exeter
Christian and Jewish Colonialism Meet: Re-evaluating the Origins of the Balfour Declaration

Professor Michael M. Gunter, Tennessee Tech University
Indigenous Colonialism in the Middle East: From the Ottoman Empire to Modern Turkey’s Neo Ottomanist Ambitions

Professor Otman Bychou, Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco
Romance and Marriage Under the French Army’s Constant Close Surveillance During World War II: Ambiguous Perspectives

Dr John Wright, London
Not a Happy History — Italy and Libya

Professor Federico Cresti, Centro per gli studi sul mondo islamico contemporaneo e l’Africa, Université de Catane, Italie
La Colonisation Italienne de la Libye: Une Croisade (1911-1940)?

Dr Panos Kourgiotis, Open Hellenic University
From Yasser Arafat and Qaddafi to Shaikh Bin Zayed and King Salman; the Greek Pro-Arabism Revisited

Dr Nina S. Studer, University of Basel, Switzerland
Uprooting What the French Planted: Wine, Culture and Identity in Colonial Algeria

Dr Filippo Petrucci, Università di Cagliari, Italy
The Departure of the Italians from Tunisia After 1956: Some Reflections on an Open Topic

Dr Itzea Goikolea Amiano, The Spanish National Research Centre (IMF-CSIC), Barcelona
Exile, Afflictions and Agency in Sīdī Mufaḍḍal Afaylāl’s Diary During the Spanish Occupation of Tetouan (1860-62)

Professor Mamaoui Moulay Lmustapha, Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco
The Colonial Heritage: French Language and the Questions of Identity, Education and Development in Morocco Today

Meriam Mabrouk, Ph.D candidate, Birkbeck College, University of London
Mind the Gap Please: Towards an International Historical Sociology of Diplomacy in the First Moroccan Crisis 1904 – 1906

Dr Nigar Gozalova, Institute of History, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan, Baku
Qajar Iran at the Center of British-Russian Confrontation in the 1820s

Dr Ohannes Geukjian, American University of Beirut
The History and Politics of French Involvement in Lebanon (1860-2021)

Dr Thomas Richard, Université Clermont-Auvergne, France
Imperial Imagery and Middle Eastern Visual Culture: Napoleon in Egyptian Eyes

Dr Ahmed Al-Shahi, Co-Founder and Chair, Trustee of The Sudanese Programme, Oxford
Were the Turco-Egyptian and the Anglo-Egyptian Contrasting Conquests Beneficial to the Sudanese?

À cause du Covid 19 Le Professor Fred H Lawson, Mills College, Oakland, California, ne pouvez pas participé à notre Colloque, mais sa communication sur: Invoking the Empire: An Overlooked Component of Egyptian Nationalism, 1879–1919 sera publié avec les communications présentées au Colloque.

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